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Which Blonde is Sexier?

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Katrina Bowden

19 September 1988


United States


Claudia Schiffer

25 August 1970



Blondes: Things You Might Not Know . . .

  • It is commonly understood that having natural blonde hair is more common in babies and children, whereas only about 2% of the worlds adult population retain their fair hair after adolescence
  • Historically, artists often painted subjects with blonde hair whether or not it was historically accurate. For example, the artist Tiepolo chose to illustrate Cleopatra with curly, honey-blond locks
  • History's most famous Blonde, Marilyn Monroe, wasn’t naturally a blonde - she was a brunette
  • It is not widely known, but the world “blonde” can be spelled with or without the ‘e’ at the end. It is one of very few adjectives in the English language that still has gender connotation. Spelled “b-l-o-n-d” (without the ‘e’ at the end), the word is in masculine form, suggesting reference to a man with blond hair. Spelled “B-l-o-n-d-e” (with an ‘e’ at the end) it refers specifically to a woman with blonde hair
  • Canada has more blondes than does The United States. 25% of Canada’s total population has natural blond hair, as opposed the U.S. having only 18%

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