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CrowdRank Insights

In the US, Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

Last month, we shared an analysis of votes in our Sexiest Woman Alive category evaluating whether gentlemen prefer blondes.  The overall answer was that globally men prefer brunettes but a slim 50.1% margin.  But, the U.S. diverged from the global average and voters preferred blondes 50.9% of the time.  The U.S. story gets more interesting, however, if we drill down to a state level.  When we look at individual states, there is more parity:  21 states show a preference for blondes, 18 prefer brunettes, and 7 prefer redheads.  Meanwhile 4 states have no clear winner between blondes, brunettes, and redheads.

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Around the World, Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is a well worn expression that has featured as the title of a novel, musical, and – most famously – film starring Marilyn Monroe.  We looked into our CrowdRank community’s 14 million votes to test the truth behind the cliche.  CrowdRank community members vote on paired contests between two choices.  We analyzed our Sexiest Woman Alive category, evaluating at all contests pairing women with differing hair colors:  blondes vs. brunettes; blondes vs. redheads; and redheads vs. brunettes.

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Where Does the World’s Best Vodka Come From?

With vodka having its linguistic root in the Slavic word for water (vada), it’s clear that the alcoholic beverage has deep ties to Russia and other Slavic Eastern European nations.  Vodka emerged almost one thousand years ago at the turn of the second millennium, and multiple Eastern European countries claim to have originated it, with Russia being the most prominent.  Indeed, during tsarist times, vodka played a critical role in public finance with almost 40% of Russian state revenues coming from vodka taxes.


Does vodka’s deep roots and ancient lineage in Eastern Europe also mean that the region produces the world’s best vodka?  We analyzed our pool of over 14 million CrowdRank votes to find an answer.  The short story is that Russia remains at the top of the league when it comes to elite vodkas, leading all other countries with three of the top twenty vodkas.

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Where is America’s Beer Belt?

America’s Declaration of Independence famously states that it is “self-evident” that “all men [and women] are created equal.”  But, it looks like no one sent the Declaration in memo form to the country’s best beer brewers.  Our CrowdRank top twenty beer brewers are concentrated in a distinct Beer Belt with seven located in each of the Midwest and West regions of the country.  By contrast, the South finds itself virtually shut out of the Beer league tables, sporting only one top twenty beer brewer while the Northeast is not much better off with only two.

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Where does automotive nationalism run deepest?

The automotive sector accounts for 3-4% of GDP in major advanced economies and employs millions of workers.  It is little wonder that many look to their country’s auto sector as a source of pride and a pillar of economic viability.  Trade restrictions and impassioned tariff negotiations are just one manifestation of of the high stakes at play when it comes to the automotive sector.


We tapped our database of over 14 million CrowdRank votes to evaluate where pride in the auto sector translates most deeply into automotive nationalism.  First, we segmented CrowdRank visitors from four areas:  Japan, South Korea, the European Union, and the United States.  Next, for each area, we look all contests in which the visitor chose between a car from their area and a foreign car.  We calculated the frequency with which the local car beat the foreign car.

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How do Ivies rank other Ivies?

The eight Ivy League schools dominate our college rankings, taking up 8 of the top 13 slots in the July 2013 rankings.  In our overall rankings, the Ivies come in the following order:  Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, and University of Pennsylvania.  We wanted to look at how the Ivies see each other, so we analyze ranking behavior among only CrowdRank visitors who were from Ivy League institutions.  The results were different from what one might expect.

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